The End?


I’m writing this post to inform all three readers of this blog that I’ve decided to hang it up as the Canadian Audiophile.

For a number of reasons, I have lost that loving feeling when it comes to writing about music. I have been writing on life support for some time now, so to speak, and I don’t feel the fire anymore. Very little seems to thrill me and the music is starting to bleed together.

I am also overwhelmed with review requests and have come to fully appreciate the thanklessness of this venture. Critics are despised when they actually critique, adored and quoted when they gush. There is literally no middle ground. I have also seen more than I ever imagined of the industry and learned just how quickly you can be ignored and even disdained when you’re not putting the spotlight on the right people.

For an unpaid, unappreciated vocation, I’m finding myself lacking the passion that would sufficiently balance out the nonsense. So that’s all.

I will still continue to write and review movies at Canadian Cinephile and will pop up from time to time around the Internet with my nonsense, so all three of you won’t have to do completely without your hero.

For those who’ve enjoyed some of what I’ve done here, thank you. It has been an interesting, educational ride. The site will remain up as an archive for past reviews and so on.


3 thoughts on “The End?

  1. Sorry to see this news, I’ve only been following a,short time and have enjoyed your site, and your writing. I’m sure you’ll have many offers, but if you ever get that itch, we’d love to see your musical musings on our site….that’s if you can’t be talked round………

  2. Jordan. I’m sorry that you have elected, ” to pull the plug “, as it were. I ‘ve rather enjoyed your treatises on Sarah Brightman, and, have saved same, in an appropriate. But, you’ve had some very good things to say about The Angel Of Music. There has to be more yet. Really do’nt want you to quit. Thanks for everything thus far. CHARLES.

    • I really appreciate that, Charles. Thanks very much for reading the Sarah Brightman stuff. There may be some more to come on that score, but I can’t see anything in the near future. Hope you get some enjoyment out of Dreamchaser, though.

      Thanks again.

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