Amy Heffernan – Friggin Little Know It All

Chatty and spunky, Amy Heffernan’s Friggin Little Know It All is a relatively enjoyable hunk of pop-rock with a few surprises. The Alberta-raised singer comes inspired by the likes of No Doubt, having charged her jets for performing the second she saw the “Just a Girl” video.

After receiving a grant from Rawlco Radio, Heffernan commenced work on Friggin Little Know It All in late 2010 with writing partners Steve Giles and Cal Curtis. Her brother, Doug Heffernan, also pitched in.

Packed with Canadian friendliness and a little Los Angeles sun, Friggin Little Know It All is a lot of fun to listen to. It doesn’t really try to be more than that, actually, and that works to the singer’s strengths. Heffernan could have wandered down the sweater’d singer/songwriter stream and had her shtick spilling in Starbucks, but her love of fun pop with a guitar chunk can’t be denied. Nor should it be.

Heffernan’s voice has a bright, sunny quality. This becomes a problem when she tries to sing unkind tunes like “Ignorant Pig” and the title track. Because her tone packs absolutely no bite, it’s hard to cheer along when she calls the song’s subject names and says he’s “effing up big.”

That said, the sweetness in Amy’s voice goes a long way in other places. “Dance Ourselves Sober” is a cool party anthem that should, if there’s any fairness in this world, receive gallons of radio play.

Where Heffernan really impresses is with the best tune in the album, “Rasputin.” A Boney M cover featuring Jeremy Wray, the cut is a dazzling dance number that has our hero singing a stunning set of verses before launching into a catchy-as-hell chorus. A clang of synth and a vintage beat complete the package. This, to me, is where Heffernan is at her very best. “Oh, those Russians.”

While Amy Heffernan’s Friggin Little Know It All provides a pretty rudimentary experience by way of pop-rock music, there are some seeds to work with. She proves she understands the pop sensibility and really knows how to sink herself into the right song.

Although Heffernan lacks the bitter chops necessary to truly haul into a heated song, she does deal enough winking and smirking elation to fill the entertaining dance numbers to the brim.

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