Zoobombs – La Vie En Jupon

I started writing because I had something to say. It was all very organic at first, very righteous and very pure. I didn’t worry much about what other people thought. I just pumped out whatever bullshit there was rolling around in my head. I didn’t care what it came out as; I didn’t mind if I sounded like an emotional basketcase or a bullshit artist. I didn’t mind if I had my facts right. I wrote to write; I did it because it put a smile on my face.

I was 10.

The Zoobombs approach music like I first approached writing. You know, before the fucking Internet and before the trap of trying to please everyone rears its ugly head. Somewhere in the innocence and purity of pure fun, the Zoobombs are having a hell of a time while the rest of us piss and moan.

La Vie En Jupon is an invite to join them. The Tokyo-based rockers came to be when Don Matsuo (guitars, vocals), Matta (keyboards), Pocky (drums), and Moostop (bass) joined forces to crank out some seriously awesome music. Having performed live in support of acts like the Flaming Lips and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Zoobombs’ unique and fiery brand of rock, funk and blues has been astonishing and shit-kicking audiences the world over.

I’m not even going to begin trying to tell you where La Vie En Jupon fits in the discography of these guys. It is their latest, so let’s go with that. I’m sure someone’ll be along to tell us.

What you do need to know, if you don’t know already, is how fucking manic the Zoobombs are with their approach to — let’s be fair — everything. There are few moments on the record that don’t require absolute commitment to the groove and nothing but the groove. These are funky rock gods, dedicated entirely to the cause of moving feet and shaking asses. In that order.

La Vie En Jupon opens with “Way In/Way Out,” a nine-and-a-half-minute slice of heaven that almost feels like an Oasis song — handclaps included. If you take a shot for every “come on,” you’ll be pretty loaded by the time this swinger draws to an electric finish.

Elsewhere, Zoobombs uncork bottles of chunky blues (“Builbone Blues”) and chaotic, ripping punk and noise (“Jeff”). Travel as they do through a couple of related styles, the constancy of absolute fun tears through every moment of this album.

If La Vie En Jupon has any sort of message, it’s that it’s high time to give the pretenses a rest. Who are we trying to fool? Sure, sometimes life sucks. Sometimes life really sucks. Sometimes…well, you know. But sometimes when life hands you balls, you have to hit it back right in the kisser with Zoobombs.

This article first appeared as Music Review: Zoobombs – La Vie En Jupon at Blogcritics.org.


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